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The arrival of a baby is a magical gift. For both first-time and seasoned parents, The emotion is different. Plans change lives gain other forms and, of course, responsibilities increase.

It is at this sensitive moment in our lives that we feel the need to have "someone taking care of us".

Based on these experiences, TuttiCare was born.

All products are elaborated, seeking the welfare of the mother and the baby.All tested and approved by healthcare professionals.

Encouraging breastfeeding is the main goal.

We offer a portfolio of breastfeeding, educational and other products aimed at contributing to the well-being and development of the mother and baby. We serve wholesale and distributors from all over Brazil. We have the support of the MameAme division, which assists health professionals, partners who approve the products and are the people that mothers trust.


Our Vision

To win the trust of parents and health professionals, through the benefits that the products provide, being in the period of breastfeeding, as in the growth and development of babies.


Our Mission

Create innovative products with great benefits facilitating family life.

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